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Tanya Bibikova
Sonyachnosillya 98474
We live in Solnechnosillya for one month already and it has everything you can dream of: mountains, forests, lakes — and unlimited sky above. We've build DublDom 2.65 and it fits the place perfectly. Now we dream about outdoor kindergarten based in abandoned apple tree garden located nearby. We not only dream but actually organize regular playdates and walks for kids there. We even have a name — «Solnechnosadik», which means «Sunny Kindergarten» in russian. Our kindergarten now operates in good weather and we are in need of shelter for rains, zeros and other extremes. I couldn't think of anything better than DublDom 26 for us. It will be sweet home for our little scout team, and it meets all our needs. Here we would gather around stove with hot tea and read endless tales and stories when we can't have our own adventures outside. Isn't it a nice dream to have? :-)
Carmen Miller
English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda
Hello! My name is Carmen Miller, I am originally from Melbourne Australia. I moved to the beautiful Caribbean Island of Antigua 3 years ago. I have bought my land over 1 year ago and I dream of having a beautiful Dubldom house with with beautiful windows to let the views in.
-----------My land looks over a wonderful beach and bay in Antigua----------
I am a Silk Artist and this house will form part of my working studio as well as my house.

Here are some reasons why the Dubldom house should be HERE:

LOVE……I will love my beautiful Island environment and tropical gardens from my house.
DISCOVER……I will discover a simple and wonderful way to live, and love my tropical surroundings.
DREAM…..I will constantly dream while looking out at the Caribbean Sea
LIVE WELL….Growing my own food and working from home will ensure I live well in this beautiful Caribbean Island

Alexey Pugovkin
All my life I live in this place and have work there. This is amazing and wild place with beatiful sunsets and sunrises. And always I have dream about house in this valley.
Vyacheslav Cherkasskiy
Микли, Респ. Карелия, Россия, 186724
Hi, we are Slava and Katya - a couple of designers from St. Petersburg.
In 2015, we decided to change our lives, leave the city and create a small family farm.
We traveled for a year through the Karelia, Pskov and Novgorod regions to find a place where we want to spend our life.
We ended up in a small village, called Mikli, near the town of Lahdenpohja, the most beautiful spot on the planet - in the heart of the Ladoga Skerries.
All around us, we could see amazing Northern beauty: granite rocks covered with moss, pine forests and the cold waters of Lake Ladoga. All of this completely took our breath away as we realised that if we wanted to live somewhere, it had to be here.
In 2016 year, we became the happy owners of a few acres of land and we immediately immersed ourselves in the development of our new home.
During this year we have mowed and cleaned out part of our space and made a garden with fruit trees and other plants.
Also, with our own hands, we built a small cabin, so that we can hide from the weather and rest after our hard work. Unfortunately, there are no heating and no conveniences which means that we can't stay on our land all year round.
However, this does not prevent us from making plans and moving on.
In the future we plan to make our own cheese as well as start keeping goats, cows and bees. While we are at the very beginning and do not know what awaits us in the future or how it will all end, but we are not afraid of difficulties. We will forever be moving towards our dreams and we are very happy along the way.

To save the history of our lives, we have got a video blog on YouTube and instagram account, in which we reflect all of our adventures, events and achievements, if you are interested, have a look here:
our Instagram:
our channel on Youtube:

The number of our subscribers is gradually increasing and we are pleased that more and more people share our interests and our dreams to live in nature! We hope to win in this competition, because we really like the beautiful design of a DUBLDOM, we believe that it will fit perfectly into our Karelian nature and will be a wonderful starting point for our future farm.
Kumar Shashwat
Kot Lake, Faridabad, Haryana, India
As Leader and Architect of the Save Aravali Trust, I want to develop this beautiful lake in Aravali Hills of Faridabad into an ecotourism spot. We have support of the Local Administration and DublDom modular house shall be a great addition in our plans to connect millions of citizens of Delhi NCR to nature. We will display your name at site, say it in our related media interviews and it would also be great advertising for you besides the primary agenda to make people live closer to nature.
Facebook @SaveAravali
Dhanush C
Kukke Subramanya Rd, Karnataka 574238, India
I will use it for good cause and help people.
Aleksandr Trunkovskii
Kandalaksha, Murmansk region, Russia
Hello! I live in Kandalaksha, Murmansk region. Here are a lot of mountains (sopki) around our city and townspeople happy to visit it all during all the year: hiking at summer; snowmobiling and skitouring at winter. One of mountains is Volosyanaya sopka. There are a little house was build few years ago and opened to all travelers. Unfortunately the house was burned by anonymous people at this summer. I had a meeting with the mayor of the city (Mikhail Pavlov) recently and we discussed about building of a new house. The mayor said that the new house will belong to the museum of the city and protected as property of the city. So there are no problems with permission for building there.
Our townpeople and city guests will be happy to have a new house on Volosyanaya sopka where they can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of our nature.

Aleksandr, public figure of Kandalaksha administration.

Cochrane, XI Región, Chile
Alexis my husband and I save this place to being sold to a real estate company. This place belonged to his grandfather and then when he died would pass to their sons. They have no interest in country life so they decide to sell the place to this company.
We love this place, because ist beutiful, the landscape, the animals, and because it is a legacy of his grandfather and product of their work and life. We did not want that to be lost, so we decided to buy the place.
We ask a bank loan and bought. For this very reason we have no resources to build our house and live in this place. For now we visited daily, across the river, and work to create a small farm.
We dream with a house like dubldom, we think we have de perfect place.
Ilya Krivonogov
mountain Malaya kurtyzhnaya
Hi everyone! Me and my friends live in Murmansk region above the Arctic Circle and we like active sports. All over my life I do mountain-biking, snowboarding and skiing! Few years ago we rent an area near beautiful mountain called Kurtyazhnayaу! This is an unique place with mountain's landscape and beautiful coniferous trees near White Sea! Dubledom 26 fits here perfectly! We built a few mountain bike trails and we have all rights to construct builds. It will become our home! Our friends and families like to spend time there. We are dreaming about building here a ski resort! Maybe you will be able to help making our dream come true. All the charm of this places you can see on the attached pictures. This is preatty much all, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you!
Дарья Ковалева
Ивановка, Азербайджан
Everyone should have a home. The same house where you grew up your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and to live your children and grandchildren. Our family has such a place.
My name is Dasha, I'm 24, I have two sons Mike and Danny are twins. And here is my story.
For more than 85 years, the mountain foot of the greater Caucasus, at an altitude of 842 meters above sea level, in the last remaining from the Soviet times the kolkhoz of Azerbaijan we have land and vineyards. There are two houses but in poor condition. I spent my childhood in these places. To three years me and my sister were brought up by the grandparents. And then, every summer we used to come here. Now 2 years in a row I come to Ivanovka with their children. This is the place where our family from all over the world, from any continent know that there is a place where they will be happy and you can always come to visit and meet with friends. Unfortunately, this year happened the biggest tragedy for us - my granddad died. And grandmother was left alone. It is always hard to be alone and to farm, especially in 77 years, especially in the mountains. And so died the vegetable garden, vineyard and farming it at a loss. If the opportunity arises we always arrive to help, but unfortunately, not all conditions allow for a long time to stay there, especially housing.
Learning about dubldom, I decided to write my story and tell you about this amazing place. Ivanivka is a unique place. Located in Ismayilli region. By nature he is called the second Switzerland. Beautiful mountain trails, mountain lakes and mountains fascinate with their beauty. Located near Shamakhi, where according to legend appeared Shamahanskaya Queen of A. S. Pushkin. The nearest airport is in 40 minutes in Gabala. There is also the only ski resort in Azerbaijan. If you have arrived in Azerbaijan, it is mandatory in your program will visit Ivanovka. Business card Ivanovka wine. In any store of Azerbaijan, at the airport or the restaurant, you will immediately offer it. Deliveries are made even to Germany! Ivanivka is unique in that here is preserved the oldest religious community babtistov - Molokans. Sent by Catherine the second to protect the Russian-Turkish borders.
In Ivanivka, as in the entire Azerbaijan, all houses are divided into three types - Lezgin houses, barns, Molokan hut and the rich palaces villas. Last unfortunately tasteless and ridiculous. This is an excellent platform for the emergence of a new direction in construction as dubldom!
Nearby unique village craftsmen Logic where drevneishee art of metal work and craftsmanship make these products, which are exhibited in the Louvre! The wife of the President of Azerbaijan
Mehriban Aliyeva, chose this place at his dacha because of its wonderful view and mountain air.
You can endlessly describe the beauty of nature, sights and features of this place. And such places are many, and each is unique, for someone more. For me, my children, family, a place - Ivanivka. Thanks to your project for the opportunity to tell, show and to meet with such places on the planet.
Nora Maniya
Джвари, Грузия
Hello! My name is Nora, I want to tell you about his home in Georgia. This place is very dear to me from childhood, I grew up surrounded by beautiful nature, surrounded by great people. On the plot of about one hectare, grow a variety of fruit trees, which are planted my uncle agronomist, ornamental shrubs and a variety of coniferous trees. There are many varieties of apples grow pears, plums, kiwi, persimmons, figs, grapes. There is a pine grove among which we hung a swing for children. Our old and rather dilapidated house surrounded by bushes camellia. On the site there is a well. This house belongs to my father, and I will pass inherited. I really wanted to be my dad lived comfortably, he was already 73 years old, and your home seem to me very comfortable and cozy. Hopefully one of them will decorate our beautiful landscape!

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Applications are accepted until October 30. Then we choose the most beautiful place and if it is yours we contact with you to learn more. Because we are looking not only for a place, but also for a person who will host this place. We are looking for a social active land owner.
The winner will be announced on December 10.
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